Topaz mouse necklace

Mouse Princess Collection

Inspired by the Finnish fairytale The Mouse Princess this mini collection of one-off bespoke jewels brings the delightful tale to life with sparkling jewel's and tiny silver mice. The little mice with their silken fur, beady eyes and twisting tails coil around shining Topaz, Citrine, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Peridot gems

The Scandinavian fairytale tells of a farmers son sent into the woods to find his love. Deep in the forest in a tiny cottage he only finds a mouse who promises to be his bride. The farmer sets three challenges for the moues to prove herself, with the assistance of her mouse friends the little mouse fulfils the tasks and challenges. When finally betrothed to the boy she is thrown into a river by the boys brother, as the farmers boy weeps over the lost mouse he has grown to love her wicked enchantment is broken . A beautiful princess emerges from the river and both her and the boy return to the princesses kingdom.

Each one of the Mouse Princess jewels are complete one offs, made bespoke style and as individual pieces.

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