Springtime Butterfly twisting vine necklace


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4 butterfly’s in bright rich blues/deep purple anodised titanium have fluttered down and are resting on a twisted and curling silver vine. The satin finished silver vine twists and spirals as the 4 butterflies rest before flying off once again.
A delicate and beautiful statement jewel for that special occasion. From the Springtime collection with a hint of fairytale and timeless elegance, perfect to bring a little Springtime enchantment into everyday.

The butterfly’s are fixed to the twisting vine with a single rivet on each butterfly.
Each butterfly is individually anodised, so each butterfly is unique and beautiful. no 2 butterfly’s are exactly the same.

The butterfly vine is suspended from a 15" or 17” so that the vine sits beautifully when worn, the silver chain is delicate and finished with a handmade silver clasp.

Butterfly’s: 1cm across
Vine: 10cm across

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